WHAT IM SEEING dot comThe Building of Cable Car No. 25

An inside look at The Woods Division’s Cable Car carpentry shop…
Recently we ran into a citizen who claimed to possess a secret, behind-the-scenes, raw knowledge of Cable Cars .
His credentials: He builds them. From the ground up. Each and every individual piece. And he has been for 34 years.
John Stenson is the supervisor of the five carpenters who make up the Cable Car building operation, located in the Dogpatch sector. He invited us inside to take a peek.
“There were never any blueprints to speak of,” said Stenson, “We ended up having to take one apart to make the patterns and then had to figure out how to put it all back together. Its like a jigsaw puzzle.”
The City is the only city in the world that still maintains and operates Cable Cars. Each car takes almost 18 months to build and costs around $400,000. There are currently 28 cars climbing our hills, running on three lines.
Pay the Gripman, take a seat, and enjoy the ride….
Trolley blueprints: